A little background on myself- I was born and raised in San Fransisco, California. After bouncing around the globe a little bit- living in places such as London, Amsterdam, Germany and Florida, I found my true home in Los Angeles, California where I currently reside. My love for fitness and helping others has always been apparent in my younger years but it wasn't up until six years ago that I realized it was my passion and would later turn into my career. After moving to Los Angeles not knowing anyone here I started to become a homebody and an introvert. To make things worse, I didn't have a lot of money when I first moved here, so I was living off of boxed pasta and pizza for quite some time.
Eventually, I did start making friends and started going out but something still wasn't quite right, I still wasn't happy. One day, when scrolling through some photo albums, I saw that I had gained quite a few pounds...ok, maybe more than a few- it was actually around 30-40lbs. 
I honestly didn't recognize myself in those photo's, and my jaw dropped. I then knew the reason why I didn't feel at my best;  I was still eating like crap and not regularly exercising and overall didn't look or feel healthy. At that point I joined a gym, went through quite a few personal trainers and spent all the money I was making at my job on them. Of course I started doing TONS of cardio like most of us would after joining a gym. After a while, I started to lose weight but i kept hitting plateaus. I couldn't understand why all of my efforts were going largely unnoticed after a while.
I, often found myself idolizing swimsuit models until I started taking notice of fitness models more and more on social media. I then arrived at the conclusion that muscle was sexy and I never wanted to go back to being skinny. I wanted to be toned athletic, flexible and strong instead.‬ I started lifting weights, and yes I started lifting HEAVY. I started to do research on meal plans, and research on weight loss and muscle gain. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. I wanted my arms to look toned, I wanted big, round, perky glutes  and I wanted a nice enough stomach to be able to feel comfortable wearing a bikini. That was my goal and you bet your ass I achieved it. I lifted heavy weights (for dat ass hehe), did minimal cardio as not to burn too much muscle that i was working so hard for, and I stopped doing half assed ab workouts and instead cleaned up my diet (because abs really are made in the kitchen). I started meal prepping all my foods for the week on Sundays.
The combination of the weightlifting and healthy food choices started transforming my body. I had become a different person. The best way to describe the change in my mood was a feeling of euphoria- I was high off life and full of energy. I felt soo damn good about my body, and sure enough, everything else in my life started falling into place. All this positive energy made me want to get out there and help other people. I knew that my passion and purpose in life was to help everyone who ever felt uncomfortable in their own bodies. The feeling like they needed an extra push to transform themselves into a happier, healthier, confident version of themselves
What is my goal? I'm here to inspire YOU! and tell you all that I was once where you are right now. I didn't feel healthy and to be honest, had not the slightest clue as to where to start. But I am here to tell you, that you, looking at my website right now means that you hit that point I was once at, and are ready to make that change. If you are determined and ready, I am here to help you reach your health/fitness goals! I will be here believing in you and pushing you every step of the way!
I want to show people how to believe in themselves. So here I am ready to help you!